Reinventing Susannah

A big bereavement.  An empty nest.  And a runaway husband.

Susannah Stevens hopes that whoever said bad things comes in threes got it right because she can’t cope with much more going wrong in her life.

She finds herself a job as a freelance Mind Body and Spirit correspondent, meets a self-styled guru who thinks Susannah needs liberating from more than just an empty nest and learns that sometimes all you can do is to go with the flow of life.

Susannah’s boss, Katie Corrigan, is young enough to be her daughter.

She has always played by the rules in order to further her career but when she too discovers there are some things she just can’t control, she has to reassess all she thought she knew.

 In a fast-moving year of crisis and reinvention, both women have to figure out what to do when their A plans fall apart   - and they never dreamed they’d need a Plan B.

Reinventing Susannah is published by Poolbeg 

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