The Cinderella Reflex


No matter how strong and independent Tess Morgan tries to appear on the outside, she's always let down by her inner five-year-old - who persists in holding out for the fairy tale - that someday her Prince will come.

Real life is tough. For Tess, her job as producer on struggling local radio station Atlantic 1 FM is very  tough.  Between dealing with the demands of  megalomaniac presenter Ollie Andrews,  neurotic boss Helene Harper and the crazy workload associated with her role on the 'This Morning' programme, sometimes she finds herself wishing for  someone  who would just make all her problems go away.

Meanwhile, Helene is having difficulties of her own. Coming up to forty, her career has taken a wrong turning into a not very pleasant cul-de-sac and she's hoping that her (married) lover Richard will soon make an honest woman of her.

But things go from bad to worse for both women when the station is suddenly bought over by mogul Jack McCabe, who immediately launches a competition for a new star at Atlantic 1 FM.  Soon nerves are frayed and friendships strained as everyone battles to keep their jobs.  

Tess gets back in touch with the ex she thinks of as the One Who Got Away.  Helene tries to pull strings with her influential lover. But will Tess cope when she finally realises there's no Prince Charming after all?  And how will Helene react to her next, unexpected production?  


The Cinderella Reflex is published by Poolbeg 

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